Hope BC - Freqently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This webpage provides answers to questions we receive from you. Freqently Asked Questions (FAQs) will be posted here continuously. Feel free to Contact Us for more information. We will do our best to answer your questions promptly.

Presently - In Development!

Q-001: Town Hall Hope British Columbia

Visit the www.hope.ca website for the District of Hope (Town Hall of Hope BC).

Q-002: City of Hope

Hope BC is a new "City of Hope" in the making, right here in Hope BC. HopeBC.com will be one of the best resources of information in months to come. Stay tuned!

Q-003: Gliding / Gliders in Hope BC

The Vancouver Soaring Association is a group of gliding enthusiasts. New members and visitors are always welcome. You can schedule a flight or just drop by. Visit www.vsa.ca website for great information about tow-planes, gliders, gliding courses and more. During the summer months, many gliders can be seen soaring above Mount Hope in Hope BC.

Q-004: Looking for Events in Hope BC or Hope BC Events Calendar 2014

HopeBC.com provides one of the best event board in the Fraser Valley. Information is updated daily. You can zoom into an event location, event type, event title and event owner. Or you can select a specific date, month into the past, present or future. By default, when you land on the event board, you will get all events current and future for this month. Go ahead, try it !!
Visit hopebc.com Select from the Menu: Directories / Directory - Events.
HopeBC.com Event Menu

Q-005: Biking in the Fraser Valley

Visit the www.bikemap.net (BC) for biking maps in British Columbia. Or visit the www.bikemap.net (Hope BC) for biking maps within the Hope BC area.