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What Matters Now in the District of Hope, the Fraser Valley, the Province of British Columbia and Canada. This webpage offers our visitors access to information about our environment, air, water, politics, issues or topics of interest to us all. Staying informed on issues that matters to you. If you would like your project or website to be added to this webpage, please email us and we will consider your request.

What Matters - District of Hope

BC HydroCurrent Power Outage Board
Pipeline InfoKinder Morgan Pipeline Info
Pipeline MapKinder Morgan Pipeline Map
What Matters - British Columbia
What Matters - Canada
What Matters - Fraser Valley

Fraser Valley RDwww.fvrd.bc.ca
BC Water Protectionwww.waterwealthproject.com
BC Emissionswww.bcemissions.ca
Trans Mountainwww.transmountain.com
Global Issueswww.globalissues.org
What Matters - British Columbia

BC BitumenBC Bitumen Situation
BC LawsBC Statutes and Regulations
BC Tax PayersBC Tax Payers Federation
BC Civic Infowww.civicinfo.bc.ca
BC CLAwww.bccla.org
BC Electionswww.bc2013.com
BC MunicipalitiesUnion BC Municipalities
BC Pipeline Infowww.pipe-up.net
BC Waterswww.bcwaters.org
What Matters - British Columbia
What Matters - Canada
What Matters - Canada

Canadian DebtDebt Clock of Canada
Canadian Tax PayerTax Payers Federation
Sto:lo Info (EMF)www.stolotribalcouncil.ca
Oil SpillsAlberta, Canada
Bill C-30Bill C-30 Watch